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J-Killa Releases New Heartfelt Album ‘BeLoved’ 

Sensational rapper John Jenkins otherwise popularly known as J-Killa has dropped a new album titled ‘BeLoved’ which consists of high energy lyrics and incredible melodies. This is an album that will keep you at the edge of your seat and one you definitely don’t want to miss. History will surely be made right here.

The variety of super fresh tracks on ‘BeLoved’ can easily reel in any listener with great features from Ppilimtec, Constantine and Tone Jonez. This is the kind of album that sucks you right in and refuses to let you go. With rich instrumentation and great deliveries, J-Killa’s new project hits the spot at home on the headphones or home at the controls. 

The most impressive element of the album ‘BeLoved’ is its flow and evolution across its tracks. The quality of the recording is noticeable, too, with every track sounding professional, both in vision and style. Through J-Killa’s signature style, he has truly mastered his art, and is giving a new direction to the wider urban sound. 

J-Killa’s originality and previous releases have significantly helped him amass a loyal and supportive fan base online. He has built an international following by paving his own path with his distinct artistry and distinguished approach. Whatever an individual’s music taste is, everyone can find at least a few songs on ‘BeLoved’ they can relate to lyrically or appreciate musically. Everything about this amazing album make it a must-listen! 

This album was created from pure unconditional love. Every song, every lyric is based on the authenticity of a loving heart. This album was one that has been requested and it made him feel overjoyed to bring it to a reality. The ‘BeLoved’ album is one that he is very proud of, giving him the ability to put his emotions into music. 


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